Yes it's true! We have the best ambassadors around! These ladies are not only talented, but also know how to stay humble and be amazing role models for others in their gymsport. 

We are so lucky to have them as part of the GKD Gymnastics Tribe! 

Meet Hannah....


Hannah is a WAG, Future International from Victoria and says she loves Gymnastics because it is very hard and takes a lot of commitment but is very rewarding.

She says it is a very close and supportive environment. Hannah aims to be a Junior International Gymnast in the future. 

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Meet Jess...


Jess is coached by Brett Austine and is a Senior International in Trampoline. 

Jess says gymnastics has provided her with opportunities to meet people from all over the world. Jess won Silver at the youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires and was also named NSW elite female Trampoline Athlete. 

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Meet Taya...


Taya is a WAG, Level 10 and hails from Western Australia. 

Taya says her favourite thing about gymnastics is being able to compete and show everyone the skills that I have been training really hard to get. Taya will be competing in Nationals for the 3rd time this year. We cant wait to see what amazing things she is up to!

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