1855M Fierce Challenger Competition Shirt

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Train in the Competitive Shirt designed for the official U.S. National Team

Competitive Shirt Features:

  • Style is replica of competitive shirt worn by the Men's U.S. National Team during the Team Finals at World Championships
  • Sublimated vertical draped flag design in red, white, and blue
  • Shirt features white base with USA on left side body
  • GK logo on upper left chest
  • Boy cut leg for added comfort during training and competing
  • Pair with Men's Campus Stretchtek Shorts Style 1812M or Men's Campus Stretchtek Pants Style 1813M

Fabric: 80% Polyester / 20% Spandex

Important Washing Instructions for all fabrics:

  • Garment(s) must be washed separately. Turn garments inside out. Use a mild liquid detergent, gently hand was in a large volume of cold water. Rinse immediately.
  • DO NOT allow garment to soak. Pat dry with a clean towel and use a thick plastic hanger to air dry.
  • DO NOT use fabric softeners. Fabric softeners negatively affect the adhesives used in our garments, causing the foil on our fabrics to discolor and the embellishments to fall off


  • Pilling may occur on PolyTek and SubFuse sublimated fabrics when it comes in contact with any other rough surface (examples are mats, grips, floor mats, etc.). The back/bottom area of the garment tends to pill easier than other areas. Unfortunately, this is an issue we cannot avoid due to the nature of the fabric. Elite Sportswear will not be responsible for replacing or repairing your garment if pilling occurs.