1882M Men's Agility Gymnastics Shirt

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STYLE: Men's gymnastics shirt. 

GREAT DETAILS: Features a strong sublimated print on polytek fabric on each side panel, comfortable red campus stretchtek front panel, and a breathable, black techmesh back panel. 

PERFECT FIT & FEEL: This style features a boy cut leg.

SPECIAL ORDER: This style is also available as Special Order. Please use style 1108S.

NOTE: Pilling may occur on PolyTek and SubFuse Sublimated fabrics when it comes in contact with any other rough surfaces, examples are mats, grips, floor mats, etc. The back/bottom area of the garment tends to pill easier than other areas. Unfortunately this is an issue we cannot avoid due to the nature of the fabric. Elite Sportswear will not be responsible for replacing or repairing your garment if pilling occurs.