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US Glove Tiger Paw Wrist Support

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Designed to help prevent dorsal hyper-flecion, the Tiger Paw Wrist Support has a replaceable foam pad. To increase the level of support, extra plastic battens may be inserted in the Velcro pocket. Tiger Paw Bag not included.

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3 Reviews

ME 1st Aug 2017

Tiger Paws

The US glove Tiger Paw wrist support is top quality. Just ordered and received my 2nd pair after using my first pair for 6 YEARS!!! Nothing feels better than a fresh pair seeing as I was also unsure how to clean the last pair. They arrived very quickly by mail and the service was outstanding!

Julie 30th Jun 2017

US Glove Tiger Paw Wrist Support

These are great...this is our second pair...I didn't know how to clean the first after a year or so of sweat and chalk they were pretty rank. I ruined them by soaking them in warm water and dissolved sanitising laundry soak powder ...they went like cardboard...whooppps!!! daughter was not these are the replacements...just need to check which is the correct way to clean them....

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